"Miki has done a fabulous job grooming Max. I've never met a groomer so enthusiastic or that has so much passion for the animals in her care. She takes pride in making sure they look their best. Miki also only uses top of the line, organic products and the difference is immediately noticed with my dog's soft and shiny coat after being groomed. I know Max's little paws are in good hands with Miki and I love the fact that it takes less than an hour for his wash and haircut unlike other places where hes usually put in a cage for half a day." Thank you!

-Amy & Max

“Miki has the gift of making our dog feel safe and comfortable. Her grooming skills are efficient and quick with minimal stress on your animal. When you have a happy dog you have happy owners. We are so glad we met Miki and know she takes good care of Boscoe. We strongly recommend her dog grooming services.”

-Boscoe, Oakland, CA

“My dog loves Miki! It is such a treat to have her just show up at my house and a few hours later, leave with my dog looking beautiful…trimmed, combed, nails and ears clean, and smelling fresh:) For a dog who is usually skittish over going to the groomers, Miki did a fantastic job of putting her at ease and making the whole experience quite painless and easy. Her ability to come to our home saves us so much time and energy in our busy lives. Thank you Miki….we look forward to seeing you soon!”

-Lula, Oakland, CA

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