We start by cleaning and removing excess hair in the ear canal. Next we do the sanitary trim as well as paws and clipping their nails. Our guest is then treated to a heated bath with all-natural shampoo. Anal glands are expressed during the bathing procedure. We’ll then clean their face with Blueberry facial and teeth are checked. After rinsing, we hand dry the coat to remove as much excess water as possible and then air dryer the coat to minimize post-wash tangles. Your pooch is then swift off to the grooming table for a complete brushed and breed-specific trim; we pamper your pet with hugs and kisses before sending them home.

Because most guests return to our facility every 6-8 weeks, we have created the Wellness Spa Package just for them. Our guests are treated to an ear cleaning, paws trimming, nail clipping and sanitary trim. They are then given a heated bath with all-natural shampoo where they’ll get their anal glands expressed. We’ll then clean their face with Blueberry facial and teeth are checked. Then comes rising; after that, they will be hand air dried and off to the grooming table for a quick touch-up trim around the eyes and feet. We’ll send them home fresh and clean….hugs and kisses included at no extra charge. This package is best for short hair dogs.

Our Add-On Treatments are only available with purchase of any of our Spa Packages.

  • Flea Bath $20
  • De-Skunk Bath $20
  • Shave Down on matted dogs $20+