Questions & Answers

A: Do you groom cats and other pets?
Q: No, at this time our focus is only on dogs.

Q: Can I cancel that day of or what if I forgot my appointment (no show)?            A: Yes, but there is a $30 Late Cancellation Fees per dog. Please remember, once you booked an appointment, you’re actually blocking time off for your dog, there are others who could have filled your spot.

Q: Is my dog kept in a cage all day long?
A: No, most appointment last about an hour depending on the coat condition (matted, heavily soiled, distress, size and breed of dog, etc).   We are Cage Free and we do offer Doggie Daycare should you require extra time to pickup your dog.  There is a $5  per hour charge to leave your dog in our Daycare.

Q: What sort of payments do you accept?
A: We accept Cash, Check or Credit Cards (Square Cash, Amex, ATM, Visa, Mastercard, Dinner Card)

Q: Do you charge extra for matted dog?
A: Yes, it takes time and effort to unmat a coat. We will apply $25 for 1st 20 minutes and $1 a minute thereafter.

Q: Why does my dog come out not fully dried?
A: We do NOT use cage drying.  All drying are done by hand with an force air dryer.  Some dogs can not tolerate the high noise volume so we opt not to dry their ears completely.  Unlike cage drying, your dog are left in a cage hooked up to a dryer where they sit waiting to be groom with the high volume noise blowing at them.  We rather a dog’s ears are slightly undried then fully dried with unseen future hearing loss.

Q: Why do you charge extra for “shave down” and how much is it?
A: “Shave down” requires extra time to carefully remove the matted coat. It also wears down our equipments much faster. “Shave down” – $15+ based on the severity.

Q: Are there some breeds you do NOT groom?
A: Yes, our insurance policy has banded the followings: Pit Bulls, German Shepard, Rottweilers, Chow-Chow and we do turn away aggressive dogs or too large for us to handle.

Q: How long does a groom typically take?
A: Each groom is different based on the hair condition and the behavior of the dog.  Most are under an hour and at most two hours (Ex-Large Breed, heavily matted, difficult dogs, etc).  We are not your traditional grooming shop, come in between 8-8:30 and call you sometime in the afternoon.  We are by the appointment only, your dog is groom at the time it comes in…no waiting in a cage.  WE ARE 100% CAGE FREE.

Q: What if I’m not sure what size I should book?
A: Below are our guideline:
Small size weight up to 20Lbs and are up to 24′ x 18′ (Yorkies, Shih-Tzu, Mini Poodles, Daschund, Boston Terriers) – We also count in between sizes.
Medium size weight up to 40Lbs and are up to 30′ x 20′ (Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, Beagle, Shetland, King Cavalier) – We also count in between sizes.
Large size weight up to 60Lbs and are up to 36′ x 23′ (Lab, Golden Retriever, Springer, Shepards) – We also count in between sizes.
XLarge size weight above 60Lbs and are 42′ x 28′ (Standard Poodle – Goldendoodle)

Q: Can I leave my dog(s) for extended stay after their groom?
A: In order to remain a Cage Free Environment, we ask that all owner pickup their dog right after the groom is completed.  We totally understand you may need extra time, so we will apply $5 per hour after the groom to place your dog in our Doggie Daycare area – NO EXCEPTION.  Please remember we are CAGE FREE, help us remain this way….by picking up your dog right after they are done.