Top 10 Reasons why people are switching over to mobile dog grooming services.

1)      Convenience – groomer come to you, not you go to them

2)      Less stress on both pet and owner

3)      No caging

4)      No traffic to deal with

5)      One-on-One attention from start to finish

6)      No distraction

7)      Most session are done in less than an hour

8)      Temperature control setting for more comfort

9)      Heated Hydrobath for consistency in water temperature

10)   Ultra luxury pet pampering on 4 wheels

SAVE TIME and HEADACHE! Why sit through traffic and then having to make time to pick them up?  Mobile grooming are the future.  It’s convenient, one phone call and they arrive at your doorsteps.  Most van are fully equipped with high tech gears (IVac clippers, central vacuum, grey water system, hydraulic table, heated water, and its own electrical system).  No more plugging into your electrical outlet and water source, that’s the thing of the past.

I had worked in both pet salon and mobile pet grooming.  Advantage of working at a salon are: no traveling time wasted, retailing, expandable to doggie day care, able to take on more dogs since most are dropped off and put in cages, room for bather to help out, receptionist to make appointment and handle customers and low cost to start.  While for mobile grooming, its convenient for the customers, no unwanted barking and noise, pet are more relax making the job a lot easier to perform, able reach multiple locations in a day, low cost to run the business, great customer interaction, easy to develop a trust relationship with the pet, seeing different sight of the city/cities and easy to expand business by adding more vans.

What I find most difficult in mobile grooming is limitation of how many pets you can take on in any given day.  What I love about being a mobile groomer is the freedom to schedule your own appointments and be out and about around town.  There’s nothing better than to drive a fun vehicle all day and consider that as work.

Although my mobile grooming service locations are in and around Oakland (Berkeley, Piedmont, Elmwood, Claremont Hills, Montclair, Rockridge and surrounding areas), I would love to see how others are ramping up their mobile grooming services.

Until next time, check out your nearest mobile pet groomer.  Give them a try; I know you’ll love it!

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